Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready, Set, Go! Rally Begins in an Hour!

If you haven't gathered your US or Serbian flag yet, get down now!

Jennifer and the rest of the San Diego Serbs are getting ready to march in protest in downtown San Diego in front of the Federal Building.

Whoever you are, if you believe in sovereignty of nations, get on down, NOW!

Bush, Clinton, and the rest don't have a clue what they signed on to when they gave the green flag to Kosovo separation.

Only one candidate for President seems to know what is all about: Ron Paul. It may be too late for him to crush the McCain surge, but he never tires of putting out the message.

Now is the time! Go, Americans, Serbs, Russians, Greeks, Spanierds, and all peace loving people of the world--show them what you think about this latest foreign policy madness.

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