Monday, March 3, 2008

Kosovo Ethics

Presented by Miro Copic at the Feb 29 & Mar 1 Rallys in San Diego

I am here to discuss the ethics (or lack thereof) in Kosovo…..

My father came to the United States after WWII to escape Communism in Yugoslavia. He fought all his life for freedom. While he passed away a year ago, he is still my hero--a man of complete integrity, respected by all, a true Christian.

However, he knew about Albanian treachery. In World War II, he served in the Yugoslav Army and fought against the Nazi’s and Fascists. He was captured by Italians because Albanians in his home town told Italian patrols where his unit was located. These are people he knew his entire life and they chose to betray a friend and fellow Yugoslav citizen who was fighting an occupation in favor of allying themselves with Fascists and Nazi’s.

This is the treachery of the situation in Kosovo. In addition to being illegal, the current government is not fit to run a multi-ethnic state. It has never shown that it would, could or has the dignity to

  • Preserve human rights or

  • Protect Orthodox and other Christians

It has a long history of terrorist and criminal activity. Bottom line, this breakaway government is run by terrorists and war criminals. Here are some of the facts:

  • Kosovo’s Current Leadership Comes from the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) which was considered among the world’s top terrorist organizations by the United States (both the State Department and the FBI) until the Clinton Administration began bombing Serbia in 1999.

  • Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Harandinaj resigned in 2005 when he was indicted with 37 counts of war crimes at The Hague. He was the KLA’s former top commander. Kosovo’s current political leaders including Hashim Thaci, the current Prime Minister, were Harandinaj’s top lieutenants.

  • The KLA has been linked to other international terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and countries that support terrorism like Iran. Muslim fighters from Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia have been captured in Kosovo.

  • Kosovo’s Current Government has Actively Encouraged Religious Intolerance.

  • Over 150 Orthodox Churches, Shrines and Monasteries, many world heritage sites, have been vandalized and destroyed by Kosovo Albanian (many KLA sponsored) terrorist groups. This has all happened in the last 7 years, and under the ‘protection’ of NATO, which began policing Kosovo in 1999.

  • Dozens of priest have been killed or injured and many more threatened and intimidated—people cannot worship and are attacked when they do Kosovo’s Current Leadership Has a long History Violating Human Rights

  • Over 300,000 Serbs and other minorities have fled the Kosovo province because of KLA supported threats and intimidation, all occurring since the beginning of the UN/NATO mission in June 1999.

  • Since 1999, thousands of Serbs, Roma and even Albanians have been killed by the KLA and other Albanian separatist movements

  • Since 1945, over 90% of the Serbian population in Kosovo has fled or been forced to move out due to threats, intimidation and killings

  • During World War II, Albania was allied with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy and began eradicating thousands of Serbs and other Slavs in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro, with the goal of expanding their population into those territories.

  • The remaining Serbs and other minorities are forced to live in enclaves in order to protect themselves from intimidation…in their own homeland.

This is a disgrace. As Americans we decry the human suffering in places like Rwanda, Ethiopia and Sudan. Why can’t we see what has been perpetrated for decades right under our noses in Europe. This secessionist Kosovo government only knows how to behave like terrorists and criminals. They have no compassion, nor care to preserve human rights of anyone else but themselves…and they have proven it. The United States talks a good game about human rights, but doesn’t follow its own script when it recognizes a terrorist government like the one in Kosovo.

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