Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Sovereignty Issue

Presented by Marko Rakic at the San Diego Rallys Feb 29 and Mar 1

The Bush administration has illegally recognized the independence of Kosovo, a territory in the sovereign Republic of Serbia. What does this mean to America?

Our civil war was fought in order to preserve the integrity of the United States, but what if foreign powers had forced the surrender to the Southern States? What if France and England had used force and intervened? This is exactly what happened to Serbia after the 78 days of merciless bombing that Serbia had to endure for protecting its own territory.

Countries around the world watch and wait to see what the effect of the illegal actions by the United States and its allies will hold for their homelands. In Europe alone, there are 23 separatist movements that may use this action to further their causes. The course of our action of recognizing the independence of Kosovo could set precedence for movements all around the world to illegally seek their independence and create more bloodshed.

Just north of our border, in 1967, French President Charles de Gaulle visited Montreal, Quebec, where he spoke the infamous phrase, Vive le Quebec Libre! Vive Le Canada Francais” which translates to Long Live Free Quebec! Long Live French Canada! These words fueled the Quebec separatist movement for 40 years. Two votes on separation were held and Quebec came very close to tearing Canada apart and becoming a sovereign nation. These same separatists are now being fueled by the Bush Administration’s reckless and illegal recognition of Kosovo’s independence. When these separatists declare their independence, there will be no more need to vote. It will all be due to the precedent our government has set.

This illegal action could also have a serious impact on our country as well. There are many separatist movements here at home, waiting for the outcome of Kosovo. Movements in States such as Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, California, and Vermont wait for the outcome of this action.

The 2nd Republic of Vermont is looking to an independent future and, a recent story covering their movement declared “Independent Kosovo? Why Not Vermont?” where the writer makes clear parallels to the crisis in Kosovo. And how will we prevent Vermont’s independence? Would we use force to hold onto Vermont? Or will we be forced to give Vermont their independence by external forces? Perhaps the UN will decide our fate for us. Or maybe a foreign country will build a massive Air Force Base in Vermont to assure their independence; such as we have built in Kosovo.

We need to stop using our muscle and might to force foreign nations into submission, but rather use our minds and diplomacy to preserve world order and our way of life. The laws our government are breaking will be the same laws that will leave our country powerless to keep its national integrity. The laws our government are breaking will be the same that will create disarray in countries around the world. The administration has broken UN laws, the Helsinki Act, and American laws, and it denies our Constitution by bypassing the consent of the Senate.
Our country should obey the law. It should not fail Serbia and make the wrong decision concerning Kosovo.

We, as US citizens, must insist that our government let sovereign nations control their own borders and integrity, and we must send a message to the whole world that we do not support lawlessness, terrorism, or chaos. We must let the US Senate know that we do NOT support the illegal declaration of independence of Kosovo.

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